Swimming with dolphins in Curaçao

Swimming with dolphins might be one of your dreams which might come true during your holiday on Curaçao. If you are lucky, you can spend hours admiring the dolphins from the terrace of your Royal Resorts villa, or you could visit the Dolphin Academy at Curacao Sea Aquarium.

Swimming with dolphins at the Curaçao Dolphin Academy

Curaçao Dolphin Academy was established in 2002. It offers interactive dolphin programs for people of all ages. Their goal is to foster a real connection between dolphins and humans. Their experiences serve as an educational platform. The open water programs are symbolic of the close relationship between trainers and dolphins. The dolphins are allowed to join the trainers on daily excursions into the open ocean. Dolphins are able to interact with one another in a social setting at “home”. Dolphin Academy’s individual animals exhibit natural patterns of interaction among themselves. They are also able to forage for their own food. Mothers teach their calves how they catch fish, in fact.

Can I spot wild dolphins in Curaçao?

The simple answer is: yes, you can. You do need a little bit of luck to spot Dolphins during your stay in Curaçao. You can spot dolphins in the open ocean at Sea Aquarium Park. As well as in the area where the Dolphin Academy takes its bottlenose dolphins.

You can also spot wild dolphins on a boat. The best changes to spot dolphins while on a boat is to look sideways from the boat or at the waves behind the boat. The dolphins have a lot of fun jumping through the waves.

If you want to spot dolphins from the shore, you should look out at the sea from your deck and then scan the horizon for any splashes or birds. Any surface other than smooth is worth looking for a pod of dolphins. You can see wild dolphins best from a boat ride to Klein Curacao or the South shore.

Why swimming with dolphins is a great experience

It’s a great way for you to escape from everything while swimming with dolphins. When you have these amazing creatures next to you, it’s hard to think of anything else. These amazing marine mammals will be fascinating you.

After the trainers have shown the dolphins to you and explained the basics, you can jump in the water and get close up with them. Dolphins are intelligent and social animals, so this activity is a great way to get close to them. Important tip: Don’t apply sunscreen to the water before swimming with dolphins, because some of the sunscreen chemicals could cause harm to the dolphins.

You will be able interact with dolphins in many ways after you have gotten in the water (with your life vests). These beautiful marine mammals can be touched, hugged, and even kissed. You also have the option to do more complicated things like belly rides, foot pushes and belly rides. If this isn’t enough excitement, ask the trainers for some examples of their signals with dolphins. You can then try your hand as a dolphin trainer for just a few minutes. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with dolphins which will allow you to build a relationship with the dolphin.

Swimming with dolphins is not your typical vacation activity. This is an unforgettable experience that can change your perception of the world and the beautiful creatures it supports.

Some fun facts about the Dolphins in Curaçao

We have some interesting facts about the Dolphins in Curaçao which will make you love these creatures even more:

  • Dolphins are accustomed to staying with their mothers for long periods of time before leaving their pack. Some dolphins stay with their mothers for as long as 3 to 8 years.
  • Dolphins are great divers. Dolphins are creatures of the ocean and can dive to as high as 1,000 feet.
  • There are around 40 species of dolphins. Many dolphins can live in saltwater while others can thrive in freshwater. Their smallest is about 3-4 feet in length, and their largest is around 30 feet.
  • These compassionate creatures often tend to the elderly, sick and injured members of their group, known as the ‘pod’.
  • They are the friendliest and most caring animals, but they also have the highest intelligence. Scientists believe that dolphins are second in brain size to humans when compared to their bodies.
  • Dolphins don’t chew their food; they just swallow it whole. Their teeth are only used to catch prey.
  • Scientists have proven that dolphins can give themselves names and they have proven that dolphins can recognize each other’s names and develop their own whistles.
  • One part of their brain stays awake and alert even when they’re asleep. This protects them from predators and allows them to breathe through their sleep.
  • They are very friendly with humans and love to play with their pod members. They often play with and tease other underwater animals.

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