Hike in the Christoffel National Park

Sprawling across 2300 hectares in west Curacao, Christoffel Park is the largest national park on the island. This is where you go to immerse in the lush greenery of Curacao and see unique species like the giant columnar cacti (kadushi), white-tailed deer and green iguana.

One of the absolute best things to do in Curacao is to climb the Christoffel Mountain. It takes an hour to reach the peak, just 375m above sea level. It is not allowed to start your climb after 10 am (as it gets too hot). The hike is gorgeous and rather easy — even our 5-year-old could do it with no difficulties. If you don’t drive, you can still visit on a jeep tour leaving from Willemstad. Entry: 30 ANG (US$17) per person.

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