weather on curacao

Curaçao weather and climate

Curaçao, located near the equator, has a tropical savanna climate. Because the Caribbean is close to the equator, its weather and climate are characterized by warm temperatures throughout the year. As such, it is a popular destination for sunbathers. Curaçao’s average temperature is around 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27°C) with year-round humidity as high as 80%.

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Blue Curaçao liqueur

When people around the world google Curaçao, they soon come across beautiful pictures of Blue Curaçao, for the island’s most famous cocktails! Blue Curaçao liqueur is one of the most popular and versatile spirits. It is a sweet citrus-flavored liqueur made from the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit.

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hato airport

Hato Airport Curacao

Your wonderful vacation begins as soon as you land at our beautiful Hato International Airport. The colors of the island shine as you leave the plane. From the moment you arrive at Hato Airport, you will be immersed in the warm hospitality of Curaçao.

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Experience Curaçao from the water

BlueFinn Charters offers you Curacao’s newest and largest catamarans: 75ft Catamaran BlueFinn and 80ft Catamaran BlueFinn2. Both catamarans are equipped with a large covered seating area, including a bar, benches with storage compartments, tables and two marine bathrooms. The catamarans also feature a large net area, outdoor benches, a barbecue, music system, snorkeling equipment and

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